Headlight Restoration
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Headlight Restoration

Did you know that headlights can be restored to new condition?  And it will last for years?

ES Automotive  technicians can restore sun damaged headlight lenses back to crystal clear condition.
Plastic headlights have a very thin ultra violet resistant layer that degrades in sunlight causing the lens to become an increasingly unsightly yellow, cloudy, foggy or hazy.
Damaged headlights are unsafe. Even a slight loss of lens clarity significantly reduces light output, This makes night driving more hazardous because it reduces the driver’s vision which in turn contributes to driver fatigue. So why compromise your own and your family’s safety by driving with dim sun damaged headlights, not to mention that discoloured lights spoil the appearance of you vehicle. ES Automotive  repair technicians remove the degraded original coating, redress the structural plastic and then refinish the surface by applying a much thicker and long lasting UV protective clear coating.
In most cases the restoration can be done on site without removal from the vehicle.
ES Automotive  headlight lens restoration keeps you and your family safe and in the clear.
Other advantages:

– Save money. No need to pay hundreds of dollars for new headlights.
– Increase visibility of the road and detect road hazards earlier.
– Reconditioned lenses will stay bright and clear.
– Comply with roadworthy certificate standards.
– Clear headlights dramatically improve the look of your car.

Headlight Restoration Saves You Buying New Headlights!
Our extensive research, coupled with years of product testing enables us to offer a great service for our customers and a long lasting guarantee.


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