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High quality, good condition tires are an important safety mechanism. They are the the first point in the braking system of your car and have the important role of keeping your car gripped to the road. Equally as important is aligned and balanced wheels to make your car a pleasure to drive.
If you are experiencing vibration or poor handling while driving, have problems keeping tires inflated, have low tire tread or can see obvious damage to your tires, it is time to get them checked.
Regular servicing will keep tabs on your tyre condition and is also a good opportunity to have wheel alignments and wheel balances performed. They are lost cost and can greatly improve your driving experience.
New tires, a wheel alignment and wheel balance go hand in hand to ensure good handling. ES AUTOMOTIVE Service are experienced at maintaining tires and related components and can give you good advice on purchasing the correct tires for your car.


Steel Rims $14.95/Tire
Alloy Rims $19.95/Tire
Stick On Weights $1.50/Tire
TPMS Sensor New $64.95/PC
Mounted Tires Change $25.00/CAR
TPMS Diagnosis $25.00
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Tires are one of the most vital components on your vehicle.

We understand the importance of maintaining the only point of contact (your tires) with the road surface.
# Tires can cause your vehicle to have increased stopping distance, vibrations and make the vehicle pull in one direction or the other, not to mention loss of grip in wet conditions.
# Tires need to be in a good roadworthy condition free from damage and correctly inflated. They must have a minimum of 1.6 mm of tread across the entire tread area of the tire.
# Incorrectly maintained tyres may be costly as incorrect pressures and alignments can prematurely wear out your investment.
# We can offer you a range of tyres to suit every vehicle and we are also mindful of your budget.

Here is a list of some of the things that can occur if your tyres are worn or aren’t correctly maintained.

– Car pulls right or left
– Excessive fuel consumption
– Lack of grip
– Premature wear
– Extended stopping distance
– Extra effort required when turning

Ask your ES AUTOMOTIVE mechanic about your tires needs next time your car needs a service!