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If you are looking for an auto glass repair and auto glass replacements in Kitchener/Waterloo or the surrounding areas, then we here at ES AUTOMOTIVE  should be your first port of call. Specializing in car window repairs, we are able to quickly fix your car windscreen with ease. Our repair workers are fully qualified and highly experienced, so you can be sure that any service you receive will be to an exceptionally high standard.

Working in the Tri City  area, we have managed to create a fantastic customer base for ourselves and an impressive reputation that we are extremely proud of. Offering a fully mobile service, we can carry out any auto glass repair in Kitchener/Waterloo at your convenience, whether it’s at your home or place of work.


– Windscreen Replacement
– Vandalised Body Glass Replacement
– Heated Windscreen Replacement
– Heated Rear Windscreens Replacement
– Windscreen Insurance Repairs Replacement
– Windscreen Chip Repair


Auto Glass Repair $49.95
Auto Glass Replacement $99.95
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ES AUTOMOIVE ensures that the highest quality work is done for the best price, the first time, every time. For a fraction of the cost of replacing a windscreen, we can simply repair stone chips and cracks to the same strength as the original glass.

We have access to the largest stocks of windscreens, rears and side auto glass. So no matter what vehicle you drive, chances are we have it, ready to install.

Whether you have a broken glass, cracked window or chipped windscreen it’s best to never leave anything to chance. With one simple call to ES AUTOMOTIVE you can get back on the road in no time and enjoy complete safety on the road. Servicing Kitchener-Waterloo areea, we can install and repair automotive glass to your specifications, for American, European, Asian and exotic models in addition to vintage cars. We offer a comprehensive automotive glass replacement service. Our professional glaziers are reliable, experienced and highly capable, so we can guarantee that your glass replacement is of the very highest quality. You can take comfort from the fact that our technicians will handle all installations and repairs with precision and as quickly as possible.

Windscreen Chips – to Repair or Replace?

Windscreen repair or replacement? Instant Windscreens & Tinting ensures that the highest quality work is done for the best price, the first time, every time. For a fraction of the cost of replacing a windscreen, we can simply repair stone chips and cracks to the same strength as the original glass.

Instant Windscreens & Tinting will ensure that your individual needs are tailored through our innovative solutions. Please keep in mind, however, that in line with guidelines, some chips or cracks are required to be replaced rather than repaired.

For example, replacement is required when there are two or more previous repairs partially or wholly located within the critical vision area, as indicated:

Further limitations on the repair of vehicle glass exist if:

– A total of eight or more previous repairs anywhere on the windscreen
– A crack starts and finishes at the edge of the windscreen
– Damage extends through more than the outer layer of glass
– There is notable delamination of the laminate bonding layer at or near the new damage
– When centering the overlay template on the new damage, the previous repairs are also located partially or wholly within the overlay area. Or if the new or old repairs are partially or wholly within the critical vision area.

Inside Critical Vision Area 25mm
Outside Critical Vision Area 100mm

Inside Critical Vision Area 15mm
Outside Critical Vision Area 30mm

Inside Critical Vision Area 2mm
Outside Critical Vision Area 5mm

Windscreen stone chip repairs are our speciality

Regardless of whether you require car glass repair, or a new windscreen for your van or truck, when it comes to autoglass replacement and repairs, our service is unsurpassed. With over 15 years’ experience servicing domestic and commercial customers all across Kitchener-Waterloo, our brand has become a trusted name in the industry. Our team can usually identify if your windscreen can be repaired over the phone based on your description, but once your vehicle is brought in we take the extra time to thoroughly examine your vehicle glass to evaluate whether you require our first-rate chip repair services, or an entire replacement. This professional inspection could ultimately save you a lot of money if your chip is easily repairable, rather than committing to the expense of a brand new windscreen.


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Our staff are on standby to answer any questions you might have or schedule in your car, van, truck or other vehicle for an autoglass evaluation, repair, or replacement. Call us on: 519 498 5952